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Iron Alloy Powder
Iron Alloy Powder
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CNPC POWDER iron alloy powder is an alloy which is made with metal iron as matrix and composed of one or more of the following elements such as; FEAB, FEAE, FeMn, FeSi, FeMo, FeCr, FeV and so on

CAS no.: 7439-89-6
HS code: 72052900
Molecular Formula: Fe etc.
Color: Grey powder
Shape: Irregular shape
Purity: 99%
Certification: ISO9001,SGS,RoHS
Molecular Weight: 55.845
Freezing/Melting Point: 1537℃
Boiling Point: 2862 ℃
Specific Gravity/Density: 7.845g/cm3
EINECS NO.: 231-096-4


The Iron Alloy Powder has another name, ferroalloy powder that is made with a different chemical composition and is mainly used in powder metallurgy and diamond tools. 


Some of the main applications of Iron Alloy Powder;
  • Powder Metallurgy
  • Diamond tools.
  • Hard alloy 
Grade Composition (%) Physical Properties Particle Size(%)
Fe≥ C≤ S≤ O≤ AI≤ P≤ Mn≤ Si≤ A.D.
(45μm )
CNPC-FEAB Bal. Cu 1.3-1.7, Ni 1.7-2.2, Mo 0.4-0.6  2.9-3.1 ≥7.1 ≤25 ≤3 ≤45 85-95
CNPC-FEAE Cu 1.3-1.7, Ni 3.6-4.4, Mo 0.4-0.6 
CNPC-FeSiAl Fe Bal Si 9.0-9.8  Al 5.0-5.8 3.2-3.8 - - - ≤8 45-60
CNPC-FeSiCr Fe Bal Si 6.2-6.8 Cr 4.2-4.8
CNPC-FeSi Fe Bal Si 4-7 2.4-2.7 - - - ≤8 45-60
CNPC-FeNi Bal. Fe80Ni30, Fe50Ni50 D50 10-15μm; D50 15-20μm
CNPC-FeCo Fe 82 Co18;  Fe50 Co50 D50: 8-15μm

Grade Package
CNPC-FEAB 25KG/Package or1000KG/Ton Package
CNPC-FEAE 25KG/Package or1000KG/Ton Package 
CNPC-FeSiAl 25KG/Package
CNPC-FeSiCr 25KG/ Package
CNPC-FeSi 25KG/ Package
CNPC-FeNi 25KG/ Package
CNPC-FeCo 25KG/ Package

The iron powder should be stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated warehouse and kept away from fire and other heat sources. Relative humidity should remain below 75%. The packing must be sealed, do not be affected with damp . It should be kept apart from alkali, alcohol, and it should avoid mixed reservoir by all means. The storage area should be equipped with the right material in the case of leakage.

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