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Copper Alloy Powder| Bronze Powder| Brass Powder
Copper Alloy Powder| Bronze Powder| Brass Powder
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CNPC POWDER copper alloy powder (bronze powder and brass powder) with tin, zinc, lead and other elements are produced by the process of powder metallurgy. They have the physical and mechanical properties of their cast or wrought counterparts.Copper alloyed with iron powder reinforce the mechanical properties and control dimensional changes during sintering, the addition being made either by mixing or by infiltration. Copper Powders have good strength, thermal conductivity, wear resistance, color and gloss.

Copper coating iron powder is the process of plating copper on surface of the iron powder. The color is the same as copper powder. It's instead of copper powder sometimes. It's cold be reduce the cost.

Copper Alloy Powder Production Process

Step 1: High Quality Cu Sn Zn Pb  Material

Step 2: Melting

Step 3: Atomized

Step 4: Diffusion

Step 5: Filter

Step 6: Dry

Step 7: Grading

Step 8: Inspection

Step 9: Packing

                                                      Copper Production Process


Copper Alloy Powder includes copper tin alloy powder
(bronze powder), copper zinc alloy powder (brass powder)
copper iron alloy powder, copper lead alloy powder etc.

Copper Coating iron Powder includes copper coating 
iron powder, bronze coating iron powder, brass coating
powder. This is best material used in Oil bearing bushing.


CAS no.: 744-50-8
HS code: 7406209000
Molecular Formula: Cu
Color: Light Rosy
Shape: Irregular or Spherical shape
Purity: Cu Sn Zn Pb
Product method: Water and Gas Atomization
Molecular Weight: 63.55
Freezing/Melting Point: 1083.4℃
Boiling Point: 2567 ℃
Specific Gravity/Density: 3.0-3.5g/cm3;4.5-5.2g/cm3
Applicable Solubility in water: Slightly soluble in hot water

Main application of Copper Alloy Powder;
  • Main material in powder metallurgy industry
  • Oil bearings.
  • For antiseptic substance in food packing and reducing agent.
  • Diamond tools.
  • Friction materials
  • Coating
  • Plastic composite filling
  • Cold spraying and the thermal spraying
  • Best choice for welding materials, hard alloy, electric conductive slurry etc. 
Grade Composition (%) O(%) A.D.
Particle Size
CNPC-CuSn CuSn10,CuSn15,CuSn20 0.3max 3.0-3.8 100mesh, 200mesh, 300mesh
CNPC-CuZn CuZn20,CuZn30,CuZn40
CNPC-CuFe CuFe70
CNPC-CuPb24Sn1 Cu75,Pb24 Sn1
CNPC-CuNi30 Cu70, Ni30
CNPC-CuSn6Zn6Pb3 Cu85, Sn6, Zn6, Pb3
CNPC-CuSn10Pb10 Cu80, Sn10, Pb10

Grade Composition (%) O(%) A.D.
Particle Size
CNPC-FeCopper Cu15%,Cu18%,Cu20%,Cu30% 0.3max 2.3-2.5 100mesh, 200mesh, 300mesh
CNPC-FeBronze Bronze 18%,Bronze 20%
CNPC-FeBrass Brass 18%,Bronze 20%

Grade Package
CNPC-CuSn 25KG/Package
CNPC-CuZn 25KG/Package
CNPC-CuFe 25KG/Package
CNPC-CuPb24Sn1 25KG/ Package
CNPC-CuNi 25KG/ Package
CNPC-CuSn6Zn6Pb3 25KG/ Package
CNPC-CuSn10Pb10 25KG/ Package
CNPC-FeCopper 25KG/ Package
CNPC-FeBronze 25KG/ Package
CNPC-FeBrass 25KG/ Package
Storage Note:
  • The Copper Alloy Powder should store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Away from fire and heart source .
  • It should be stored apart from oxidant acids, halogen ,mixed reservoir of avoiding by all means.
  • Equipped with corresponding varieties and number of fire equipment.
  • Storage area should be equipped with the right material for leakage content.

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