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Ultrafine Iron Alloy Powder
Ultrafine Iron Alloy Powder
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CNPC POWDER ultafine iron alloy powder contains many diffierent elements such as FeCu, FeMn, FeMo, FeCr, FeCo, FeV, FeSi, FeB and others. The product is produced mainly by method of physical crushing.

Ultrafine Iron alloy powder Production Process              

Step1: High Quality Material

Step2: Crushing into small particels

Step3: Screening

Step4: Particel collision grinding powder 

Step5: Air classification

Step6: Test

Step7: Packing


ferric iron oxide powder 
Some of the main uses for the Ultrafine Iron Alloy Powder;
●Main material in powder metallurgy.
● Diamond tools.
● Hard alloy etc.
Grade Composition (%) Physical Properties Particle Size(%)
Fe≥ C≤ S≤ O≤ AI≤ P≤ Mn≤ Si≤ A.D.
(45μm )
CNPC-FeCu Fe 90, Cu 10 1-1.8 D50: 4-8μm  D50:8-12um
CNPC-FeMo Fe bal   Mo 60-65 1-1.8
CNPC-FeCr Fe bal   Cr>60 1-1.8
CNPC-FeMn Fe bal   Mn>75 1-1.8
CNPC-FeV Fe bal   V>50 1-1.8
CNPC-FeB Fe bal   B>18 1-1.8

Grade Package
CNPC-FeCu 25KG/Package
CNPC-FeMo 25KG/Package
CNPC-FeCr 25KG/Package
CNPC-FeMn 25KG/ Package
CNPC-FeV 25KG/ Package
CNPC-FeB 25KG/ Package
CNPC-FeSi 25KG/ Package

Storage Note:
The iron powder should be stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated warehouse and kept away from fire and other heat sources. Relative humidity should remain below 75%. The packing must be sealed, do not be affected with damp . It should be kept apart from alkali, alcohol, and it should avoid mixed reservoir by all means. The storage area should be equipped with the right material in the case of leakage.

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