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 CNPC POWDER Copper Powder includes Water Atomizing Copper Powder, Gas Atomizing Copper Powder, Electrolytic Copper Powder and Ultra-fine Copper Powder, Spherical Copper Powder, Copper Alloy Powder, Bronze Powder and Brass Powder, Copper Coated Iron Powder, etc. 
Atomized Copper Powder| Pure Copper Powder 2022-09-21

CNPC POWDER a tomized copper powder is produced by the water atomization(pure copper powder) or gas atomized(spherical copper powder) method. the powder is pure fine powder form inc...

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Ultrafine Copper Powder | Spherical Copper Powder 2022-09-16

CNPC POWDER ultrafine copper powder is produced by gas atomization condensation method with minimum purity 99%.The particle shape is spherical powder with narrow particle distributi...

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Electrolytic Copper Powder| Dendritic Copper Powder 2017-07-11

CNPC POWDER electrolytic copper powder is produced from the mixture of sulfuric acid and copper sulfate as electrolyte with electrify. As raw materials, the materials melt into liqu...

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Copper Alloy Powder| Bronze Powder| Brass Powder 2016-03-17

CNPC POWDER copper alloy powder(bronze powder and brass powder) with tin, zinc, lead and other elements are produced by powder metallurgy process. They have the physical and mechani...

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