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Nickel Alloy Powder | Irregular Nickel Alloy Powder
Nickel Alloy Powder | Irregular Nickel Alloy Powder
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CNPC POWDER nickel alloy powder is metal powder with a state of very high purity and good particle size distribution. It is gray, irregular and spherical shaped powder, in moist air easy oxidation.  The nickel alloy powder includ NiAl, NiFe, NiCr, NiAlCrFe and IN718, IN625, Hastalloy X. etc. used in different fields.

Nickel Alloy Powder Production Process

Step1: High Quality Nickel Material

Step2: Melting

Step3: Atomized/Crush

Step4: Filter

Step5: Collect

Step6: Dry


Step8: Inspection


Nickel Powder Production

Atomized Nickel Alloy Powder is relatively pure with spherical particles that are produced by atomization method.

CNPC POWDER atomized nickel alloy powder is the best materials to suppress mechanical parts, structural parts and welding materials.


CAS no.: 7440-02-0
HS code: 7504001000
Molecular Formula: Ni
Color: Grey powder
Shape: Irregular and spherical shape
Purity: Ni99.8min
Certification: ISO9001,SGS,RoHS
Molecular Weight: 58.69
Freezing/Melting Point: 1455℃
Boiling Point: 2913 ℃
Specific Gravity/Density: 8.9g/cm3
Oxygen Content 0.3max

Main application of Nickel Alloy Powder
  • Powder metallurgy industry.
  • Chemical industry for chemical reaction.
  • Welding
  • Diamond tools
  • Catalyst
  • Hard alloy
  • Electric conductive slurry
  • Electronic materials
  • MLCC
  • 3D printing
Grade Composition (%) O(%) A.D.g/cm3 Particle Size
+100(150μm) +140(106μm) +200(75μm) +325(45μm) -325(45μm)
CNPC-NiAl Ni 30-70, Al 30-70

Ni 30-70%,Fe 30-70

Ni 70-80, Cr 20-30

Ni 40-50,Al 40-50
0.3max 0.5-1.0 100mesh, 200mesh, 300mesh, 400mesh ,500mesh.
CNPC-NiFe 0.3max 100mesh, 200mesh, 300mesh, 400mesh ,500mesh.
CNPC-NiCr 0.3max 100mesh, 200mesh, 300mesh, 400mesh ,500mesh.
CNPC-NiAlCrFe 0.3max 100mesh, 200mesh, 300mesh, 400mesh ,500mesh.

Grade Package
CNPC-NiAl 25KG/Package
CNPC-NiFe 25KG/Package
CNPC-NiCr 25KG/Package
CNPC-NiAlCrFe 25KG/Package

Nickel Powder Storage Note:

The Nickel powder should be stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated warehouse and kept away from fire and other heat sources. Relative humidity should remain below 75%. The packing must be sealed, do not be affected with damp . It should be kept apart from alkali, alcohol, and it should avoid mixed reservoir by all means. The storage area should be equipped with the right material in the case of leakage.

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