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Lubricating Bearing Bushing | Metal Powder Products
Self lubricating sintered bushing used different material to sintered.We also produce powder raw material for powder metallurgy. From raw material to the sintered component process control to guarantee the quality of the product, and the maximum limit to reduce the coast.So CNPC PM's  bushing products is the best quality with the lowest price.  1Excellent Corrosion Resistance 2:Scalable enough to allow the piling and anti-vibration load 3: Bronze bushing with graphite applied in the working condition of heavy loads,vibration, intermittent rotation, oscillation,and high temperature 4: Widely used for the little or no lubri-cating situations 5: Noise much less than other bearing 6: Good wear resistance for high-speed runing 7: To inceasing the strength, it can be produced with variety of alloys 8: Impregnated with oxidation and corr- osion oil that greatly reduce friction
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