Cobalt Alloy Powder | CoCrMo | CoCrW
Cobalt Alloy Powder | CoCrMo | CoCrW
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CNPC POWDER'S 3D printing metal powder used argon and nitrogen atomization process. For the cobalt base alloy powder include CoCrMo, CoCrW etc.  The spherical shape with excellent fluidity. The particle distribution is between 0-25um, 15-45um, 15-53um 50-150um. 3D print metal powder used in aerospace, molds, automotive, medical instruments etc. CNPC POWDER supply 3D printing metal powder include Iron Base Powder, Aluminum Base Powder, Nickel Base Powder, Titanium Base Powder,  Cobalt Base Powder, Copper Base Powder.  The metal powder for 3d printing we can according to customer requirements to develop powder

3D Printing Cobalt Base Alloy Powder Production Process

Step 1: High Quality Material

Step 2: Melting

Step 3: Atomized

Step 4: Filter

Step 5: Collect

Step 6: Dry

Step 7:Grading

Step 8: Inspection

Step 9:Packing

                                                      Copper Powder Production

3D Printing Cobalt Base Alloy Powder is include CoCrMo, CoCrW  etc.


The main application of 3D printing metal powder;
  • aerospace
  • molds
  • automotive
  • medical instruments
  • Military industry
Cobalt Base Alloy Powder Composition (%) O(%) A.D.g/cm3 Particle Size
CNPC-CoCrMo Cr26-30, Mo4-6, W4-6, Co Bal
Cr26-29, W7-9, Si1.2-1.9, Co Bal
0.1max 3.8-4.8 15-45um,45-150um, D50 1-2um, D50 0.5-1um
CNPC-CoCrW 0.1max 0-15um, 15-45um,45-150um

According to customer requirements to develop powder

3D Printing Metal Powder Storage:
  •  Easily oxide in high temperature.
  •  Usually stored in tank or jar.
  •  Carefully keep away from moist and damp. Store in dry and ventilating place.
3D Printing Metal Powder Package:
  • vaccum package per bag for 10kg, and 20kg.
  • Put the bag into drum for delivery.

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